My name is Michael Dess, 52 years old. I'm just like you, one of the million people in the United States who have heart disease. I still remember vividly how I survived a heart attack in 2004 and undergone angioplasty on one artery.

You see, I was perfectly healthy and although I'm a bit over weight, I never had any health problem until 1.20 am Dec 30, 2004, I was surfing the net as usual. Suddenly I felt an excruciating sharp pain on my chest and I was almost fainted.

I knew this was an heart attack and luckily I managed to wake up my wife. My wife rushed me to hospital immediately and I was conifrmed to have a heart attack. An angioplasty was carried out immediately as my condition was life threatening.

In 2006, I did another angiogram and it revelaed that my other artery was 60% blocked and doctor advised another angioplasty. I was prepared for another angioplasty, until my friend introduced to a Traditional Natural Herbal Formulation that was used hundreds of years ago, and still being widely used today by the native Asian to clear blocked arteries, stop stroke and heart attacks and make them feel young again with abundance energy.

Believe me, if you're looking for a solution to the following problems...

- Constantly suffering from chest discomfort in the center area such as tightness, heaviness, numbness, aching, pressure, fullness, burning, or squeezing (known as angina pectoris or angina)
- Pain or discomfort on area closed to the heart such as the arms, the left shoulder, back, neck, or jaw.
- Rapid irregular heart beats or skipped heart beats
- Cold sweat or sweating
- Living in fear that one day, chances are you'll experience heart attacks or stroke
- Extreme weakness, numbness or anxiety
- Light-headedness, dizziness or severe headache
- Unable to move one side of the body such as the arm, leg, face

... then you have come to the right place!

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